Salvage. Cook. Distribute.

We salvage, cook, and distribute food along the stolen banks of the Chehalis River, to those in need and to those fighting for liberation from here to Seattle. We acknowledge we do this work on land stolen from the people of the Upper and Lower Chehalis tribes, and that we now fight a poverty and hunger brought to this land by colonization.

This project was born out of the Black Lives Matter rebellion in so called Seattle. We started by helping the folks at the Feed The Movement table. We hit upon wraps as a good hand held and transportable method, made a few deliveries to CHOP, and haven’t looked back. We have been making regular weekly deliveries ever since. We wanted to extend our solidarity and our food to our own area, as many here remain incredibly food insecure. So to that end we are organizing locally as a chapter of Food Not Bombs.

We are working with local businesses and farms to gather food that would otherwise be thrown away, as well as tapping into lesser utilized farm products like broccoli leaves and carrot tops that have not been commodified. By these means and more we can remain unfunded by outside sources and use the Food Not Bombs model to be one collective among many. We will, through practice, uphold the values of autonomy, self-determination, mutual aid, and solidarity.

Please reach out on our socials to join either our Signal chat, or our new Element Community. These are not public by their nature and require an invitation. To follow along, get involved, or to contact us please follow us here, email us at, or follow us on our socials (Mastodon, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) all of which can be found at our Linktree. Learn more about Food Not Bombs as we begin this project as bring the people in our region what they need, food not bombs.

Weekly Schedule